FAQ - Eligibility - Track 1 - M120

How can I find out that I am eligible for EMSHIP program?

On the eligibility condition’s section on www.EMSHIP.eu , you can find relevant information concerning your eligibility. If your academic status was not concerned to any of the conditions which were described on the website, you can ask Selection Committee to check your eligibility by sending us your academic records. If you still have a question about your eligibility to EMSHIP please complete this form and send it to Prof Ph RIGO.


Eligibility Conditions


Track 1 is open to students having at least a bachelor in 3 years (180 credits), but some prerequisites are required. Of course students having bachelor in 4 or 5 years, or students with a master degree are also welcome, but similarly, the same prerequisites are required.

The eligibility of the applicants, which do not have an engineering bachelor degree from ULG (Univ of Liege, Belgium), has to be validated by the Admission Committee of the School of Engineering of ULG. Only the students having at least a Bachelor [degree awarded before the 1st Sept of the year the EMSHIP program starts (*)] and who satisfy the relevant prerequisite will be eligible. So, it is important that you provide clear information about the courses you have studied (or still studying) before to start MESHIP .

(*) this means you can apply in Oct-Dec to start in Sept the year after, at the condition you have your Bachelor degree before 1st (15th) Sept of that year.

To be admitted at this Joint Programme “EMSHIP+ - Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures”, candidates must fulfil the following conditions:

- be holders of a “Bachelor of Science” or “Bachelor of Engineering” degree, with at least 180 ECTS (credits), in Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering or related fields (*)
- have appropriate command of English language

(*) A master in one of these fields is also accepted

and one of the following conditions:

- Be holder of a “bachelier en sciences de l’ingénieur, orientation ingénieur civil”, with 180 ECTS (Belgium);
- Be holder of a “Master en sciences industrielles” or “Master en sciences de l’ingénieur industriel” (Belgium)
- Be holders of a “Bachelor of Science” degree , with 180 ECTS (Poland)
- Be graduated from the studies of a second cycle with at least a total of 210 ECTS obtained during the studies (Poland),
- Be holders of another degree considered similar to those mentioned above (at least 180 ECTS) with the agreement of the academic authorities of ULg



Typical ULg BACHELOR Program